New Blog Series: What Your Family Needs to Know About Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Estate Administration

As an attorney, I often walk a fine line between listening to my clients describe what they want and on the other hand, explaining to them what they need. It can be difficult sometimes to give meaningful advice and yet not steer the client to the decision I think they should make. 

In many cases I find that clients can initially be uncertain about what it is that they want. I attribute this to families not having access to information to help them understand key issues for their planning even before our first meeting. 

As I continue to grow in practice I also continue to further my commitment toward providing truly client-centered service. To me, client-centered service begins with clients sharing their planning goals with me so that I can show them the legal tools we can use to achieve them. My experience has revealed that education is the most effective tool to assist in bridging the gap between goals and reality, creating a plan with the client that accomplishes their goals and also meets their needs. 

It is because of my commitment to education that I decided to create this new blog series – What Your Family Needs to Know. 

In this series, I will get right to the point about what I think your family needs to know about important topics in elder law, estate planning, and estate administration. My goal is to provide information so that you can make more informed decisions and clarify your estate planning goals.

It is important to note that the contents of these articles are not to be taken as legal advice but rather to serve as a starting point in becoming educated. You should consult an attorney if you need advice on your specific matter. If you are located in northeastern or central Pennsylvania and would like to speak with Cardinal Estate Planning about your case, we would be happy to setup a free consultation.  

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